Red House

I call this one, “Red House” because its “Red” and I painted it in a “house”. (LOL) silly I know, but I have artistic license. This my friends is also another attempt at full color.. like I’ve said previously … “I like it” I’m gonna keep going with it until I change my mind I…

Wild Angel

This colorful back ground was a lot of fun as well… the mixing and blending of the colors trying hard not to mix them but overlap them to create the colors in between. I just pretended Jimi wasn’t there at all, and painted the colors right over him.


This particular painting I’m calling “Experience” due to the psychedelic background. it was a lot of fun creating that tie-die look. still digging’ the full color  Jimi thing. I hope you like it “Enjoy”.

Manic and Me

This an actual photo of me sitting on the couch in my home beneath my newest painting at the time…”Manic”.  I especially like the shadows in this one. First full color painting in a really long time. I think i like it… I think I’ll explore. “More to come…”


I call this one “Train” in reference to the song “Hear my Train a Comin’” I chose that title because of the way he’s blowing smoke from the side of his mouth like the smoke stack on a “Train”. lol Hope you all like it.

3rd Stoned

This one… I really like this one, actually one of my favorites. don’t really know what to name it… any suggestions are welcome. This and its successor were photographed about 4-5 seconds apart I couldn’t resist the urge to paint them and post them together. (silly I know) but fun none the less. as always…


Ok, Back to the subject of Hendrix by Hendrix, this painting is acrylic on canvas 24 x 48. Blacks and white, all except for the beads… lol sneaky. hope you like it.

Stone Free

This is the sixth painting, only one more to go for the entire collection to be done. there will be a showing at some point at which time the art work will be for sale and I will also perform a set o Jimi Hendrix music as well as a few well placed originals. This one…


This one I call “Foxy” just because you can see how it looks like he’s looking into a mirror and might just be considering himself “Foxy”


This is painting number four. This I think is my favorite overall out of the six. I call this one… “Freedom.”