Hazzard Light

This is another picture of Hazzard I worked up in photoshop as always let me know what you think.


Hello again, this is my latest attempt at capturing a deceased celebrity likeness, as always feel free to let me know by way of comment what you think of my work, subject matter or anything else you may want to share. I call it “Marilyn”.

Stone Free

This is the sixth painting, only one more to go for the entire collection to be done. there will be a showing at some point at which time the art work will be for sale and I will also perform a set o Jimi Hendrix music as well as a few well placed originals. This one…


This one I call “Foxy” just because you can see how it looks like he’s looking into a mirror and might just be considering himself “Foxy”


This is painting number four. This I think is my favorite overall out of the six. I call this one… “Freedom.”

Hey Joe

This painting was done on a whim, you know how sometimes you just feel like you need to paint? and this is what came out. I really like this painting and it prompted me to call one of my good friends and ask his professional opinion. He said I should “paint more”, a collection if you…


This has a really “let me stand next to yo’ fire’ thing happening at least in my opinion anyway…


…And this is latest in the collection, #3 of five as I like to call it…again let me know what you think, I like this one the best …so far.

Room Full of Mirrors

And here is the current set of three, there will eventually be five. I call the set: “Room full of Mirrors”… you know like the album? …anyway hope you like ’em. OH yeah, please forgive the clock on his head…(wrong place wrong time) it’s actually inside of the china cabinet behind the works, but just…

Mega Chains

This is the latest in the series, and I think by far the best, but don’t let my opinion sway you, just leave me a comment and let me know what you think.