I am Regi Hendrix I am a professional freelance artist, Illustrator, musician and writer. I currently complete projects from my home in upstate New York. As an artist I’ve customized automobiles, motorcycles, t-shirts,and leather jackets. I am currently working on a line of custom painted guitars for “Bruton string works” a local guitar manufacturer. I have at least 20 years experience in the field of freelance and fine art. Some of my works include the illustrations for the children’s book John Abernathy by Steve Rosenberg, CD album cover designs for Craig Snyder’s “Earthbound” the Dungarees “Leprechaun Stew” and Marilyn Monroe. My most recent works are a series of Jimi Hendrix Paintings, a collection I call Hendrix-by-Hendrix “the Room full of Mirrors collection” They are currently on display at “Strum Gallery at black dog studios”

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